Before you even consider launching your blog, you need to create at least ten pieces of content and for that you need to learn how to write insanely useful and engaging content. You want content on your blog so people have the option of perusing and not leaving immediately.
For that, you need to learn how to write share-worthy content without losing your mind. The very first tip I have is; always remember to be as authentic as possible. Use your voice to share your advice and opinions and don’t be afraid of using it! I learnt the hard way that by trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no-one.


How To Write Super Share-Worthy Content


Why it’s important to write authentically:


I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.


As I alluded to above, I haven’t been writing authentically with my craft blog Heart Handmade for a long time.


In my defence, I started my craft blog in 2010 before Pinterest existed and it was possible to churn out a post full of inspirational photos, and you got lots of traffic.


I wrote the odd post that was authentic to my life; how to improve your handwriting as a grown up, which I wrote after having to retrain my entire handwriting arm after suffering a seizure.


That post is still the biggest traffic generator to my site.


The next authentic post I wrote was initially 17 Ideas To Fill Your Blank Notebooks (now updated to 30); I remember writing this post vividly.
It was Christmas night and had received about six different beautiful notebooks from Santa Claus and had no idea what to fill them with.


I opened one of the beautiful notebooks and decided to turn it into a blogging notebook and then I used it to brainstorm other possibilities.


This is the second highest generator of traffic to my blog.


It’s a helpful piece of content, and it resonates with people, which is why it’s successful.


I also make a point of updating them regularly, by refreshing images for Pinterest and social sharing platforms and refreshing the SEO keywords.


Eventually, I started writing posts that were helpful to people.


Solving problems and posts that resonate with my life.
When it comes to writing posts:


Personally, I write my posts in either Google docs, Evernote or Dropbox paper.


I have no real preference; it just depends on when I started to jot down my ideas and what device I was using at the time.


Evernote, Dropbox paper and google docs are all available as apps for your tablets or phones.


When I’m writing in these apps, and I need to include a URL, I write the text and have the URL afterwards.


The reason; I use Grammarly to correct all of my writing, and if you copy text with embedded URL’s, they will be removed.
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Doing this next step now will save you so much time in the future.


You need to come up with an effective blog writing process.


Once you’ve managed to do that, it becomes so much easier to create a post.


But before you can create a process or a template, there are some things that you need to know.


SEO Matters


SEO (search engine optimisation) is a method of targeting certain keywords so that when people search for those particular keywords, your site comes up in the top results.


“Google determines the relevance of your page by analysing its content based on several factors, including where and how often you use certain words in that piece of content.
Google measures authority by the number of links pointing to that page and how trustworthy those links are.”


If you manage to implement SEO best practices throughout your content consistently, this strategy will naturally push the content of your blog to the Google top 10 and in turn, will increase your traffic.

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Create amazing content for your blog. Writing good content is imperative to getting traffic to your blog. Find out how to use Google Adwords to find keywords for your blog posts. and content marketing. Learn how to use The Pinterest Smart search and use it as blog post inspiration. Grab your Free Printable Blog Post Checklist and Blog Template for WordPress. If you are a beginner blogger then you need to read this post.

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