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How To Use Leadpages To Get Followers Before You Have Any Blog Content!

How To Use Leadpages

I’m so excited to share these videos with you. If you decide to sign up to Leadpages*, you can be confident that it WORKS!

The landing pages and lead boxes convert blog viewers into E-Mail subscribers.

Using this technique, you can collect followers and e-mail addresses before you’ve even built your blog.

Make sure you sign up to an E-mail service like Mailchimp or ConvertKit*.

Today’s tutorial is showing you how to integrate with ConvertKit to create your e-mail list.


Believing These 5 Myths About Mailchimp Email Marketing Keeps You From Growing

Mailchimp Email Marketing Myths

Have you ever thought that you could be great at Mailchimp email marketing if only you could design a perfect template?

Well, there’s good news.

That’s a myth.

And even more good news, you probably believe the other four myths that I’m covering today.

Switching your mindset and not believing these myths could go far in helping you expand and grow your reach as a small biz owner or blogger.

Let’s start busting some myths.