How To Get Rich as a Craft Blogger and Live Your Happy Life!

By Claire Donovan-Blackwood

Do you want a proven-to-work system that will not only supercharge your productivity as a blogger but also boost profitability with your craft blog? 

With the help of this book, you can dive in and lay solid foundations to start a professional looking blog full of quality content from the very beginning, meaning that you can start monetising, working with brands and earning a good amount of money from the beginnng. Starting Today. 

The Craft Blogger's Handbook By Start A Craft Blog

Discover the secrets to profitable craft blogging so you can grow and earn on a daily basis

I've taken the overwhelm out of starting your blog and I'm giving you the exact blueprint you need to help you start your blog and learn how to make money from the very beginning.

This ebook will help you kickstart a successful, profitable craft blog. With easy to follow advice and actionable steps from award winning craft blogger Heart Handmade UK.



Having a professional looking theme is something that can make or break your blog in the very beginning.



A full guide to help you purchase hosting, install and customise WordPress. Plus the best practices for protecting your blog from hackers.

mobile devices


After you hit publish, I'm telling you the places you need to be to effectively promote your posts to get excellent traffic.



Choosing the right host for your website is essential. Read up on suggestions for choosing an affordable, yet reliable host.

Pen and paper


What is a blog without traffic? Without stellar content, you will have zero traffic. Learn everything you need to know about writing a perfect post.

Craft Blog Kickstart - The Perfect Blogging Book For Beginners


Learn all the ways in which you can monetise your blog as a complete beginner. Giving you some real food for thought for potential products and a trajectory for your montisation efforts.

Testmonials & Reviews:

"I am a new blogger, Just set up my site in May, and have been struggling with a few things as you do! I wish I had gotten this guide in May, It would have made the last 2 months much easier!  

Now whether you are a Craft blogger or not! This Kick Start guide is perfect for any start up! Claire does not leave any stone unturned, or any step of the process of getting a blog up and running missed.  

The Guide is filled with screen shots of How to… Lists of where to go, Sites to check out! And where to get all the resources you need at a discount in a lot of cases, even helping you out, with where the pitfalls in this process could be.  

But she doesn't stop there, after she has helped you get your site up and running.  

She then helps you be clear on what you want to be writing about! By asking you all the questions, only you know the answers to. There is advice on how to organize yourself, Advice on where to go to help you create awesome graphics, then there is even advice on optin’s! to help you build your list! Which leads nicely into email, which she also helps to demystify!  

So if you'e like me, You'rw thinking what else can she possibly share to help further kick start my business…  

Well that's when Claire comes in with, where you should be Promoting yourself, While suggesting the tools that can help you do that easier! Social Media, Calenders, software, and Promotional Aids.  

That should be more than enough to be getting on with, Claire takes it up another notch, How to Monetize, Advice on all the best sites she has used over the last 8yrs and what’s worked best!  

There is also advice on how to take your business to the next level, Lots of excellent information on promoting yourself. Building your Tribe and getting organized to Train! As if! But I will certainly be prepared when that happens, Got all the information right here.  

So whether your in the early stages of thinking about starting a blog, or in your first few months, This Kick Start Guide is Actually KICK ASS  

Oh and the bonus is… Claire has a FACEBOOK GROUP, So is there with you every step of the way, sharing her wisdom and sharing her tribe to help you be the best YOU can be.. I actually cannot recommend this guide enough. Thank you Claire for taking the time and energy to create such a thoroughly comprehensive start up guide. I will definitely be promoting this with my followers.  

Janette Hamilton.. AKA Wise Nona "

"Claire Donovan-Blackwood: The Craft Blogger’s Handbook for Beginners a beginner blogger introduction to happiness eBook review  

I have been making cards for about a year and a half, I have been pinning lovely things to my boards and reading blogs for inspiration and I must admit I have had a dilemma many crafters have – a hobby that gives me a lot of satisfaction, a new passion that is taking more and more time, life and job getting in the way and money that my new hobby gets me to spend – but how on earth can I make this work right? I’ve encountered many bloggers who have been very successful and well known in their particular field but was too shy to ask how they do it – suspecting I wouldn’t get a simple answer.  

I started following Claire’s blog on handmade crafts and handlettering because I liked what she had to offer and the way she spoke to me through her posts and newsletters. Claire’s book couldn’t have come at a better moment – I was ready to make the big step and find out what all this blogging is about.  

Claire Donovan-Blackwood is a lovely young lady who wrote this fabulous ebook for people like me. Her ebook ‘The Craft Blogger’s Handbook for Beginners’ is a great source of knowledge on blogging that not only allows sharing your passion with others but also – and most of all! – shows how to use that passion to make a living. In my relatively short crafting “career” I have met many crafters yet none of them (or very very few) would say they wouldn’t like to be able to leave work and keep crafting – they all have a hard time doing what they have to do to be able to do what they love - crafting and spending more time with their families.  

This ebook is definitely going to change the way of thinking of many. It is a step by step introduction to successful blogging – the way you want it to work, of course. It’s a well written handbook on what to do to get yourself a good start into a life, where you have time for your family, your work and your passion are the same thing, and your income (or spending it on craft supplies) is no longer giving you sleepless nights. A lot of useful tips, suggestions and how-to’s in this ebook get a huge boost with the support, encouragement and words of friendly advice from Claire and fellow-craft-bloggers in Claire’s Facebook group. In case you find yourself lacking inspiration, Claire shows how you can find ideas for your posts and make them attractive to your readers. It is stuffed with clear instructions on using various tools, photo tutorials on the IT stuff (that scares off many talented crafters unnecessarily), tips on how to manage the load of new tools and not get overwhelmed and what tools to use to manage everything without tons of sticky notes everywhere. And once you read it and try it out it isn’t that scary any more. Not sure how to get readers visit your blog? Claire explains it all! Not quite used to processing photos? No worries - this handbook covers the basics. What options are there for you to bring you profit from doing what you love? Many! Don’t get discouraged by all the new world of technology and social media fancy lingo, you will learn it and get used to it in no time.  

Wait! One more thing! What also makes this ebook a pleasant reading is that it’s based on a genuine story of a girl who once was where you are now and MADE IT!  

To me – this is a book that I will keep getting back to – not only for reference but also for the comforting feeling that I can make it! Everybody can!  

Julita Sochacka Artist - Cardmaker PaperWishArt "


Choose your bundle and hit the ground running today


Over 180 pages to walk you through setting up and marketing a professional looking craft blog.

Access to private Facebook group is also provided



A Blog Audit - 

The Audit will focus on all aspects of your blog, from site design to traffic efforts to monetization strategies to social media efforts. Even a a beginner, we can devise a plan.

You will receive 15-20 personalized actionable tips via email

It is all done via email and takes 7-10 days for the final report.The report will tell you the exact things you need to do in an easy to follow (30-day plan) for massive blog growth.

At least 5 specific blog monetization recommendations

Support about anything related to your PDF blueprint via email + Ongoing email support for one month for any additional queries that arise about your blueprint.


The complete package of: 

  • ebook
  • 50 page biz and blog planner, 
  • access to private facebook group, and workbook.



The complete package of 

  • Ebook
  • 50 page biz and blog planner
  • access to private facebook group &
  • workbook to use alongside the ebook.



Claire is the blogger behind Heart Handmade UK and 

"I've been blogging for eight yers and I've managed to run an award winning craft blog despite chronic illnesses and disabilities. If I can do it, you definitely can"

In 90 days, if you haven't seen traffic to your blog, you can get a full refund on the price you paid*.

*You must provide evidence that you did all of the exercises from the book and/or were active in the Facebook group asking for help/emailed me personally if you were stuck.


It's enirely possible to start and grow a blog, even if you're in full time employment. In the book you will read how to become insanely productive and achieve everything you want to achieve in relation to your blog.


Basic computer skills are helpful but you don't need to know a lot. In the book you will be walked through how to use the Wordpress platform and any new sites using screenshots. If you take a deep breath and approach any new site with curiosity instead of fear, it will be a breeze.  


You can find me in the private Facebook group or email me directly.  


You can start monetising your blog immediately. 

50 Page Printable Blog and Business Planner


Why put off starting your profitable craft blog for another day? 

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The Craft Blogger's Handbook - How To Start A Craft Blog


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