Everyone wants to make more money, right? Do you think you need to be in the ‘blogging about blogging niche’? It’s simply not true. Promote high paying affiliate programs enough and it’s entirely possible to earn a lot of money using affiliate links, as long as you know who your ideal reader is. That is so important, and something I could not wrap my head around for years. Something that helps, is having an who are a trusted brand and one who has a high payout rate.


7 High Paying affiliate programs you should be promoting


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Before you start promoting affiliate programs there are a few things you need to know:


You Need To Gain Your Readers Trust


I NEVER recommend anything I don’t love and use myself. It’s so tempting to start promoting affiliate programs because of the high payouts but if your readers don’t connect with you or trust you because you’ve never actually USED the product, they won’t want to purchase.


The Best Piece Of Advice I Have About Making Money Blogging:


GO SELF-HOSTED! I’m so serious. If you are NOT WILLING to invest in yourself and your blog, how can you expect your readers or brands to invest in you and WANT to purchase through your affiliate links?!


The first steps to going self-hosted is getting a host and domain. I’ve been like Goldilocks and tried out FOUR different web hosts, FINALLY, I found one that I love to death. SiteGround is AMAZING!
I’m on their cloud hosting platform which is expensive BUT you can start a blog for £2.95 a month, although I would recommend you go with the £3.95 program.


Not only is the price amazing, they are super fast, their customer service is AMAZING and they will set up your WordPress.org site for FREE. Or, they will transfer your blog from a free platform for FREE!


You get a free website builder and you can choose from a WordPress site or Joomla. I use WordPress since it’s super easy and user friendly. And thats all for £2.95 a month! Click HERE to learn more about SiteGround!

So, no matter the niche your blog is in, these affiliate programs offer high payouts. The high payouts are for different reasons, but they’re still excellent programs:




✅ 1. Amazon Associates (wherever your audience is located)


The chances are, people will click on your Amazon affiliate link, see that they have things stored in their basket or see something that they previously looked at and decide to buy. Why? Because Amazon is one of the biggest companies around and according to Life in an Amazon Warehouse: Fear and Efficiency, Amazon process 35 orders per second.


How To Make Money With Amazon AffiliatesThat’s why Amazon offer such huge payouts to their affiliates. There’s a great book that you should read by Carolina King and Suzi Whitford.


Carolina earns thousands through Amazon affiliates every month, and she’s in the parenting niche. If you know your customer, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t earn thousands each month.



 2. Ultimate Bundles

This is the most recent affiliate program that I had signed up to and I LOVE it. The main reason that I love it is because there are three different ways you can earn with ONE affiliate program:

  • You get 40% of sales
  • If you contribute to the bundles then you get 70% affiliate commission AND
  • When you refer an affiliate, you can a free AND earn 5% on their affiliate earnings

Read even more reasons why you should become an Ultimate Bundles member right here. 



If you struggle using affiliate programs to make money then you might be promoting the wrong affiliate programs. Choose a brand and partner that people will trust and something that you have used! Click through and check out this list of 7 high paying affiliate program for bloggers, in the crafting niche (but any niche to be honest). These online affiliate programs are accepting new bloggers.

✅ 3. Topcashback


If you’re in the UK and don’t use Topcashback, then you’re a fool to yourself. Because of my disabilities and the fact that I can’t leave the house, I shop online all the time. I got approx £220 cashback last year alone. You’re getting paid to do your shopping online. Take a look at my earnings for the past year –



What are you waiting for? If you refer a friend, you can earn £7.50 (at the moment it’s £15) per sign up (you won’t get paid until they’ve made some purchases). I make all of my purchases almost exclusively through eBay. There are some reasons that I do this;


  1. I couldn’t be arsed filling in all of my details for hundreds of different online shops. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Especially when you do all of your shopping online.
  2. Your purchases are protected by eBay and PayPal.
  3. I don’t mind buying second-hand, and I love a good bargain.


To make sure I never miss out on cash back, I add the Topcashback plugin to my desktop computer.


As part of The Supremo Bloggy Biz Planner, I had created two sheets to affiliate tracking sheets for both sales and programs. You can download your free printable affiliate trackers right here:

Get The Tracker To Your Inbox!



✅ 4. Shareasale
✅ Shareasale are my absolute favourite because they have a two tier affiliate program. That means you can get paid per lead (per sign up) as well as per sale!


There are many many affiliate programs that you can join on Shareasale no matter your niche. Some programs offer 50% commissions, such as Brit Co, even grammarly offer $20 per premium sign up. They’re definitely worth checking out.

If you struggle using affiliate programs to make money then you might be promoting the wrong affiliate programs. Choose a brand and partner that people will trust and something that you have used! Click through and check out this list of 7 high paying affiliate program for bloggers, in the crafting niche (but any niche to be honest). These online affiliate programs are accepting new bloggers.


5. eBay Partner Network


For the same reasons as Amazon. If you’re referring people to eBay, the chances are they’ll be compelled to purchase something else. It’s a truly trusted source, and you won’t encounter many problems earning with eBay.


As I said in my previous post 5 Secrets To Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts, you NEED to have a strategy in place. That’s why I’m so glad I took the course ✅ Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I noticed big differences after one week.


A few months ago I saw the course on sale and waited a few weeks before making my decision. I ended up paying full price and did the whole course in a week I was that excited. I’ve got a strategy planned; I have goals in place. A week after implementing one of her strategies, I’ve earned back my investment and my amazon.com affiliate income is now at $50 where it was previously at $0. I’m just really annoyed that I can’t implement everything I’ve learned immediately.


Amazon affiliate income


✅ 6. Awin (previously Affiliate Window)
If you ever wondered how you can become an affiliate to Etsy then you should check out Affiliate Window and join the American, United States, Canadian or French program depending on where you are based.


My favourite part of the Awin program is that they have a special chrome extension to create deep links when you’re on the Etsy page.


7. Impact Radius 
I receive about £60 a month from Impact Radius from the Skillshare program. I’ve recently joined the Target program on Impact Radius andeven though I needed a little help trying to figure out how to create deep links, I’m happy enough with Impact Radius.


✅ Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing 


Michelle is only in her late 20’s and she’s already earning MILLIONS from her blog.
Michelle from Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing
Via Forbes


In a year!


Join the ranks of Michelle Schroeder and be on your way to earning $50,000/month in affiliate income like she does! In fact, she had a record SIX FIGURE MONTH in July 2016!✅ Michelle’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is something that I highly recommend if you want to get better at affiliate marketing and earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars/pounds every single month and it’s ALL from Affiliate Marketing. Ever since I started a blog, almost 10 years ago, I wanted to earn ‘passive’ income from affiliate products, I just had no clue how to do it. I thought that I could just drop links into posts, and that would work, but that’s not the case at all. I’m so glad I was able to develop a strategy with the help of Michelle. I’m constantly tweaking my old posts and re-promoting them to earn more money, and it’s working a treat! One post, in particular, brings it at least £100 every month and that was before I even took the course.


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