How To Sell Services As A Blogger

Making money by working for yourself is the ultimate dream, right?! For me at least. Today I want to discuss how to sell services as a crafter and blogger.

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed the various ways that you can make money from your blog and actually earn a full-time income from doing something that you love to do.

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I am so passionate about the fact that SO MANY PEOPLE are stuck in jobs that they hate. When my partner wanted to get on board the Heart Handmade UK blog because he was miserable in his job, I fully knew the risks involved. But if you are not happy where you are, your happiness is always worth the risk.


As a crafter, there are lots of different ways that you can monetize your content.



If you’re strategic about it, then you could make an absolute fortune. But if you ignore a potential income stream by selling your services because you aren’t really sure what to do or how to do it, then you could be missing out on thousands.


Are you dying to know how to make money as a craft blogger? Or how to make money as a crafter? There are ways to make money with crafts as a work at home mum. You can sell services or sell crafts you make yourself.

Let’s have a look at seven twelve different ways through which you can make money from your craft blog.


  1. Contextual advertising (Google Adsense)
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sell eBooks/Digital products
  4. Selling Ads
  5. Sell Blog Posts (guest posts or sponsored posts)
  6. Speaking Events/Workshops (you are here)
  7. Selling your services (you are here) 
  8. Sell your blog
  9. Creating courses and selling them
  10. Building a membership website
  11. Monetising a private mastermind group/facebook group/forum
  12. Uploading your art work and creating products to sell


Marketing your services via a blog is an excellent way to generate income. If you’re a craft blogger, you can offer services as both a crafter, a blogger or both! Using your blog to advertise yourself as an expert is essential.


It allows potential clients to see what you’re all about, how popular you are and how long you’ve been in the game.


You can become a crafting mentor, a social media mentor, a blog mentor or design; depending on your background.




Crafting Mentor


If your background is in crafting, or you’re new to crafting and are planning for the future; you could host workshops online or in person.

Brands could hire you to work on in-house workshops, such as Paperchase here in the UK, or John Lewis.


You could help a lot of people in a lot of different ways as a crafter. Perhaps the most profitable would be hosting online workshops on a site like Skillshare.

It enables you to earn passive income so to speak. Meaning you do the work of filming the workshop and then profit from it for months and months, instead of one in-house workshop for a set fee.




Blogging/Social Media Consultant



First of all, some of you may be asking “What is a blog consultant?”. Well, it’s exactly as it sounds.

Put simply; a blogging consultant would go to businesses and help them build a blog and an online presence through social media.

A social media consultant would do the same, with promises to boost whatever the business wants, whether it be click-throughs to the business, conversion rates (turning followers into customers) or even gaining quality followers.


There are different strategies available for all of these.

I wouldn’t consider myself a blogging consultant as right now I only have this blog in my portfolio. I did have another blog/landing page for the Free Online Craft Magazines I created, but it ended up being too much for me to maintain both and I decided to focus on building and maintaining this blog.



There are plenty of blog consultants out there, and I would recommend that you have a portfolio of successful blogs before offering your services.





Being A Coach


A Coach is exactly what it sounds like. If you have a bubbly personality, you consider yourself insightful and or even you already are a life coach, you can use your blog to gain clients. As long as offer value and substance and perhaps attend a few important courses to take you from being a Coach desperate for customers to a Constantly booked out Coach.


Examples of great courses that could help you:


    1. Going Freelance, Building and Branding Your Own Success
    2. Monetize Your Side Hustle, Turn Your Creative Passion Into Profit
    3. Freelancing Guide To Managing Your Finances



and check out CoachTraining.Org if it’s a career path that interests you.


As a coach, you will be expected to offer expertise. Knowing everything off the top of your head kind of expertise and being confident in your delivery. A craft expert I am; with hacks and tips coming out of my pores. And I am sure of that.


If you want to be a coach, there are plenty of training courses that you can attend that will teach you the skills you will need to actually deliver to your ideal client.



Craft Workshops/Craft or Blogging Events and Webinars





Teaching online and teaching on-site are two very different things.

Online teaching is teaching an e-course using the internet. As mentioned above; it can be a great passive income generator and it might be ideal for someone who would freak out in a room full of people (an audience of over 5 people in person, and I would freak out for sure.)


Webinars are something you would do for 30 minutes to an hour which offers something of VALUE; it could be a module from your online course which you could then pitch to webinar attendees at the end with a special offer or discount.


In Person


Teaching on-site is all about the face to face dynamic. One on one, I’m great; I would happily host a tiny craft party if I had someone else with me who could act as a cheerleader, to serve as a calming presence or who knew as much as I did and could help out. As long as I had a small audience, I would be golden.


Anyone who has ever planned a workshop will tell you that it’s a big job. And planning a good one takes organisation and a lot of focus.

Creating mini goals and action steps will help you achieve your big goals. If you need any help with that, feel free to leave a comment below.

Goal setting and reaching goals is something I smash every dang year (referring to New Year’s resolutions and my blogging career).


But I do know that you are capable of amazing things!

If you suffer from crippling fear, write a comment below, and we could hash out some ideas of how to overcome it and reach your goals!




These are just some of the services that you can offer as a Craft Blogger.


Now you know how to sell services, do you know what you would offer?

Do you want to sell services as a blogger or is it something you would think about for the future? What are your business goals? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Let’s have a look at twelve eleven different ways through which you can make money from your craft blog. Are you dying to know how to make money as a craft blogger? Or how to make money as a crafter? There are ways to make money with crafts as a work at home mum. You can sell services or sell crafts you make yourself.

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