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How To Sell Services As A Blogger And Make A Living!

How To Sell Services As A Blogger

Making money by working for yourself is the ultimate dream, right?! For me at least. Today I want to discuss how to sell services as a crafter and blogger.

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed the various ways that you can make money from your blog and actually earn a full-time income from doing something that you love to do.


I am so passionate about the fact that SO MANY PEOPLE are stuck in jobs that they hate. When my partner wanted to get on board the Heart Handmade UK blog because he was miserable in his job, I fully knew the risks involved. But if you are not happy where you are, your happiness is always worth the risk.


As a crafter, there are lots of different ways that you can monetize your content.



1 Must-Have Before Embarking On Making Money From Home

1 Must-have Before Embarking On Making Money From Home

The great thing about making money from home is that there isn’t just one way to do it.


I wanted to show you how to monetize your blog when you are blogging your passions, then there are several ways you can do it. Isn’t that insane?! Like a dream?


Dang it, chase that dream!

That means that you could be making multiple streams of income with tiny effort.

But the number one thing you should have before you embark on your quest;

a blog.


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If it’s done the right way, making passive income or regular income from blogging can be extremely lucrative. Which is why I decided to start helping aspiring Craft Bloggers everywhere earn money from their blogs in my new How To Make Money Online series!



When you finish this page, and you still have no idea… I don’t want you to just head to a “how to start a blog” tutorial (there is one available if you do want to do that). I I don’t want your education on starting a blog to end there.

There’s so much more to know, and there’s so much we can get into on the tactics. So I’ve created this free email course! It’s seven emails over three weeks, or there’s an alternative 7-day crash course that you can take. 

 Click here to get signed up – the three weeks – the seven-day crash course


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Sponsored Content Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Read These 8 Tips

Sponsored Content Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard 


What the fudge is  Sponsored Content Marketing Claire, you maniac?! I hear you cry.


Sponsored content marketing is also more commonly known as Sponsored Posts. Or ads. But as blog posts.


For a more complete guide to sponsored posts, check out Sponsored Content Advertising Secrets Revealed


Which is basically writing content for brands or businesses.


It’s also important to realise that you don’t need a lot of traffic in order to make money from your blog but you do need the right type of traffic.



Now, we are going to talk about selling Blog Posts (creating sponsored content), Writing Guest Posts and accepting Guest Posts.


Let’s have a look at the eight twelve different ways through which you can make money from your blog.



How To Create A Blog The Easiest Way Possible + A Free Checklist and Planner

It all started with me, sick in bed, bursting with a desire to craft, make my rented home beautiful and being physically unable to do anything like that. So, one day after searching on Flickr (the Pinterest of its day), I decided to share my plans and easy craft projects on a blog (as well as my old Flickr account). Discovering online courses was a game changer for me, taking course after course, I quickly became obsessed with blogging and online learning. I want to share my knowledge with you and teach you how to start a WordPress website using Siteground, so you can learn how to create a blog so you can blog about your passions and make some money.


How To Start A Blog Checklist

Starting A Blog Checklist -A completely free download

I’ve created a free checklist for you to download and print out.