The Only Guide You Need To Read Before Starting A Blog

You do not have a blog yet?

Everyone and their granny seem to have a blog!

You are so lucky I am here to teach you how to start your blog with a bang and look like a seasoned pro from the very start.

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There are blogs for every single niche (pronounced neesh if you are speaking British English).

If you are passionate about something, you have most likely seen blogs and thought ‘I could totally do that’, or you saw some awesome Pinterest DIY projects you want to try, blogging is the PERFECT platform to share your passions and your views.

Most of all, I want to hear what you have to say, so let’s get started, shall we?

25 Reasons You Need A Blog In 2017

Do you have the drive to shout about what you love from the rooftops or invite your friends round for a cup of tea and have a great Crafternoon? Want to share your knowledge with people? You need to have a blog.  Those questions I just asked you, count as reasons.

Seriously. I can totally help you figure this out. There are so many excellent reasons to start a blog, so I thought I would write a few down for you!

It’s so simple to set up. Check here to find out how to set up a blog the EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE!

If you *know* you want to have a blog but don’t know what you want to shout about just yet, don’t worry. I’ll cover that next week.

Stick around for these 24 excellent reasons to start a blog; you might find some that you haven’t even thought about yet.

You can start a profitable blog for as little as £2.95/month through Siteground, making it one of the cheapest businesses to start.  Really. A super cheap side hustle that you can turn into a career. How could you not want that? £2.95! That’s an insane price. 

Like I said, blogging is super simple to set up.

If you want just a hobby blog and don’t really plan to generate income, then head to a free blog platform, like or Blogger.

Do you hope to earn money from your blog? I advise you start a blog and host it yourself.


Sponsored Content Advertising Secrets Revealed

Sponsored Content Advertising Secrets Revealed

Let’s break down what the flipping heck Sponsored Content advertising is, how a beginner blogger should approach it and the secrets that aren’t really secret.


They can be a little confusing, though if you’re new to the blogging world.

Here’s the thing, you need to know nearly all of this before you embark on creating any sponsored content or pitching brands but it’s not difficult to digest. Pitching brands isn’t always necessary either but the sooner you learn how to do it, the easier it will become. Says the girl who has only ever pitched to brands twice.

Counter pitching I have down to an art form. “WTF is a counter pitch?!” I hear you say.

We’re going to dive into that below.



Improve Your Business Education With These Secret Tips

Improve Your Business Education With These Secret Tips

As a solopreneur, one thing I am constantly doing is learning. I mean constantly.

As I’ve embarked on my business education, I’ve taken some amazing classes and developed my learning style and implemented learning strategies to help me remember what I’ve learnt.

Today,I thought it was time to share some of those with you.

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Boost Traffic By Using These Top Tools & Resources

As a small business owner, I get what it’s like to have the desire and the drive to boost traffic, grow your business, as quickly as possible but there just is NOT enough time in the day. Luckily, there is such a thing as automation, and I am going to share my favourite tools with you today.

Luckily, there is such a thing as automation, and I am going to share my favourite tools with you today. I wish I had known about these online business tools when I first started trying to make money online. Being able to boost traffic is amazing but it’s nothing if you don’t know how to monetize properly.



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