Ok, maybe your target audience isn’t actually more important than your spouse, but a close second. You should know them inside out and love the bones of them. Why? Because knowing who they are and who they aren’t, could make or break your bloggy business.

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How to find your target market was something that I did not understand until it was far too late and I was struggling to find a product idea that would be profitable for my Craft Blog. Back in 2010 when I started Heart Handmade UK, it was perfectly acceptable to say “my audience is all women in their 20’s who like crafting and home decor.” Sadly. That’s just not enough.

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Define Your Target Audience


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“So, Why define your target audience?” I hear you ask


Because that covers a broad range of topics. It means that your content strategy will be all over the place, as mine was.
When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no-one. Your bounce rate will be high, and it will be near impossible to promote affiliate products effectively or create products that the majority of your audience would want to purchase. Overlooking this one task because it seemed like it would melt my brain (it didn’t), has no doubt cost me thousands of potential pounds.

If your blog is in its infancy, you are in a perfect position to decide who your audience will be. The first step is to choose ONE person. I didn’t realise that YOU get to choose who your audience will be. When you create content for that type of person and promote it correctly, you will attract that person.

Don’t be scared to choose one person who you actually want to appeal to, doing so means that you connect more easily with them and provide products that they WANT to buy. Connecting with ten people who adore you and what you have to offer is 100% better than reaching fifty individuals who visit your site and leave.


How to define your target market


Decide who you want your perfect customer to be. Not one type of person. One Person and name them.


How to define your target audience

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Download the workbook and print as many of the avatar sheets as possible and create one avatar, to begin with. The bigger your blog gets, the more avatars you may need. I have three at the moment for my craft blog, and they aren’t a million miles apart regarding personality.


When you fall in love with someone you know everything about them, the same should be said for your ideal audience.
When you know who he or she is, you can write your content specifically for them, and when you create content for them, you end up attracting that person. Providing that you market said posts effectively.


The same can be said for choosing a niche. I keep telling people to DEFINE their niche (check out how to do that in this post). The reason is that year after year, the most successful bloggers I see are those who have defined their niche and become known as an expert in their field. OR, live somewhere very bright (like California) and have outstanding photography on their websites.


Target Market Example:


Remember what I said about my ideal audience back in 2010? Here is the newest version and a better example of my avatar circa 2017:

My idea reader is called Ciara, aged 35 and from the United States. Ciara spends her time on Facebook and in Facebook groups, and loves sharing inspiring images. When Ciara is in need of inspiration, she heads to Pinterest, where she found a link to Heart Handmade UK.

Ciara works full time as a teacher and loves to Craft in her spare time.

She enjoys quick and easy crafts, dreams of having her very own craft room and is constantly trying to organise her art supplies.

Ciara is married with two children and lives in the suburbs, she is always busy and rarely has the time to craft the projects that she wants to make.

Ciara is open to learning new crafts, loves learning new skills and relishes when she accomplishes something. Using the free printable planners and guides provided on Heart Handmade UK, Ciara has figured out how to make a little more time in her week to craft some quick home decor projects. She owns a lot of crochet and knitting books and buys most of her craft supplies from Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

Key phrases related to my customer avatar:
  • On a budget
  • Needs more time (quick)
  • EasySimple
  • Creative
  • Planner
  • Desire
  • Want to be organised
  • Highly skilled
  • DecorativeDecor

Ciara loves reading craft blogs, visits them regularly and loves watching home decor DIY shows. Ciara’s goals are finding a better family/life balance and making a conscious effort to free up more time for herself.



How To Conduct Your Target Market Research


To create this avatar, I used a mixture of Google Analytics reporting and survey responses (sent out via my newsletter welcome sequence). I didn’t want to release the survey on the blog because anyone could take it and that would skew my results. Offering the survey via the newsletter means that I’m asking people who took an extra step (by signing up) to be involved with my blog and my life. If you already have a readership, you can create a survey using Typeform and use the results to get a good idea of who your ideal customer is.


If you’re brand new to this, check out Facebook groups, comments on your blogs you would consider your competition, forums or websites and Google + communities.


  • Don’t forget to ask yourself a few questions too:
  • What are your strengths?
  • Is there anything you can do without even thinking about it?
  • What are you asked about most?
  • Do you ADORE doing anything in particular on a daily basis?
  • What do you despise doing? (you don’t want to offer that type of thing to people, you will end up resenting your clients or ideal readers).
  • Those answers will help you figure out what you want to offer and who you would want to try and target.


Take your results and note any popular/correlating answers to get a good idea who is reading your blog. If you don’t have any info, you have permission to make assumptions about your reader.


What You need to know about your Target Customer:


  • Core valuesInterests and hobbies
  • Where they like to hang out online
  • What do they research online?
  • Do they have any favourite activities?
  • What are their lifestyle choices? Are they vegan? If so leather crafts would make them leave your site immediately and possibly never return.
  • Personality traits? (crazy cat lady etc…)
  • Notice the language that they use and try to replicate


What you want to find out via your survey:

  • How old are they?
  • Are they male or female?
  • What qualifications do they have?
  • Where do they work?
  • Do they work from home?
  • Do they want to work from home?
  • A person’s dream job speaks volumes to who they are.
  • How much do they earn a year?
  • Where do they live? (are you targeting internationally or a specific location so you can host in-person workshops?)
  • Favourite brands?
  • Favourite sources of information?
  • Personal goals?
  • Family goals?
  • Favourite place to shop?
  • Their favourite social media platform?
  • Blogs they read regularly?
  • What do they want to learn more about (relating to your niche)
  • Do they have any problems that keep them up at night?
  • What would they be willing to pay almost anything for?
  • Do you have a solution for their problem?
  • What is your reader secretly afraid of?
  • How can you help solve your customer’s problems?


How To Make YOUR Customer Avatar


Try to create a story about your ideal reader. Imagine you are him or her, writing a journal entry all about the problem they are having, discovering your site, finding the solution on your site or a product that solves the problem.


  • How do they feel about it?
  • Do they have any objections to potentially purchasing your product?
  • What are the objections?
  • What would seal the deal to sell to them?
  • Potential products they could buy instead?
  • How would they feel about finally finding a solution to their problems?
  • How can you go above and beyond and provide even more help?


You should try to write a couple of pages and really consider your responses. Again, believe you are in love with this person you want to know them inside out. How can you get into their hearts? Channel your inner teenager.


How to define your target audience

Get The Workbook To Your Inbox!



It’s time to fly little bird. Don’t forget to print several of the avatar sheets and get creative. If the thought of this exercise is overwhelming, take a deep breath and divide into sections to tackle a little bit at a time.
If you have ANY questions at all, please ask in the comments below.


Are you trying to get traffic to your blog to make money? Are you a beginner blogger and have no idea your target market is? If you are searc hing for some target market questions to ask, I’ve outlined what you need to know in this post. When you define your target audience you will get the RIGHT kind of traffic. http://www.startacraftblog.com/target-audience/


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