Do you have the drive to shout about what you love from the rooftops or invite your friends round for a cup of tea and have a great Crafternoon? Want to share your knowledge with people? You need to have a blog.  Those questions I just asked you, count as reasons.

Seriously. I can totally help you figure this out. There are so many excellent reasons to start a blog, so I thought I would write a few down for you!

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It’s so simple to set up. Check here to find out how to set up a blog the EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE!

If you *know* you want to have a blog but don’t know what you want to shout about just yet, don’t worry. I’ll cover that next week.

Stick around for these 24 excellent reasons to start a blog; you might find some that you haven’t even thought about yet.

You can start a profitable blog for as little as £2.95/month through Siteground, making it one of the cheapest businesses to start.  Really. A super cheap side hustle that you can turn into a career. How could you not want that? £2.95! That’s an insane price. 

Like I said, blogging is super simple to set up.

If you want just a hobby blog and don’t really plan to generate income, then head to a free blog platform, like or Blogger.

Do you hope to earn money from your blog? I advise you start a blog and host it yourself.

Brands love a self-hosted blog, as do advertising companies, not to mention that you can look like a seasoned pro from the beginning.


When you finish this page, and you still have no idea… I don’t want you to just head to a “how to start a blog” tutorial (there is one available if you do want to do that). I I don’t want your education on starting a blog to end there.

There’s so much more to know, and there’s so much we can get into on the tactics. So I’ve created this free email course! It’s seven emails over three weeks, or there’s an alternative 7-day crash course that you can take. 

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Let’s start with some reasons


Blogging takes no experience. Fo’ Reals.


You can be ready to go in about 15 minutes once you know what type of package you want to deal with.


Oh yeah, for those heading to the type blog, you should read my post; 10 things I wish I knew before moving from Blogger to WordPress and how much money I flushed down the toilet.


Most businesses start up costs are a lot more than the figure I wasted (just to get started with WordPress), whereas with about $150 I could have been ready to go pro!


I just needed some content. **That cost was including bells and whistles really (for my blog), realistically you could be ready to go with about $10 and 20 minutes of your time!


Blogging could be an incredible opportunity for you to change your life!




Yes Really!


There is so much freedom!


You can work from wherever you want and blog about anything your heart desires. Especially crafts. That’s my area of expertise after all. Let me hold your hand.


Sometimes, you can find that you need a little boost added to your life. Things might just feel a little ‘blah’ and ‘meh’.


When that happens to me I try something new, I learn something new, and I start a new project!


It just sparks my creativity and injects the vitamin D boost I desperately needed.


I also learned about Mindfulness via blogging, and that has completely changed my life.


Once you start writing about a topic that you are passionate about, you find that you’ll begin thinking more intentionally about how you go about your days, being a little more mindful. And everyone needs that in their lives. Particularly in a world where we are stressed 60% of the time, and people are suffering from mental illness now so more than ever.


Sometimes the most meaningful things appear when you are truly relaxed and focusing on something with intention, *blogging* can actually make you a better thinker.


Freedom is a huge reason to start a blog and make it work at producing an income.


There are lots of bloggers who only have to work a few hours a week due to the work they put in at the beginning, building their framework and automation systems so they can earn money while they spend precious time with their families!


Grammarly Writing Support


Blogging will definitely open you open to new and exciting opportunities!


New experiences are scary and fun at the same time; they help to break routines and make life a little bit more exciting!


Blogging is an excellent way to expose you to these opportunities and experiences.


It might be as simple as tagging someone in a photograph or tweet or having a conversation with one of your blog followers.


You could end up gaining more blog exposure by writing a guest post on someone else’s blog or submitting to a site like craft gawker (if you’re a crafter).


The more you blog, the more it becomes a habit and gets under your skin.


You will love it!


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 So many people are telling you how to start a blog (including me) but do you know why you should start your own blog? Read 25 Reasons why you need to start a blog


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