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How To Use Pinterest Group Boards Like A Frickin Boss

Are you using Pinterest as part of your traffic strategy? Do you even have a traffic strategy? If you don’t, I talk about how essential it is in this post that turns out to be my second income report about my first $3k month back in March. You need to learn how to use Pinterest and Pinterest Group Boards effectively. Full stop (or Period. if you’re American).


How To Use Pinterest: How I Grew My Pinterest Visibility by almost 9000% in ONE MONTH


Every single month my Heart Handmade UK Pinterest account gets over 7.9 million profile views, and it has over 1 million followers. Within two months I generated over 545k views to StartACraft blog Pinterest Profile. Which is awesome. Another amazing blogger who has seen great success on Pinterest is Nataly from Love and Paper Flowers who is featured in this case study. Nataly amassed over 60k profile views within two months (which is an insanely high number and our results are not comparable because I’m a Pinterest veteran) I had an advantage or two.


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Pinterest Stats as of June 22nd




10 Things You Need Before You Start Searching For Home Business Opportunities

Before you quit your job and start searching for home business opportunities as a crafter, there are few things that you need to have in place. This post is aimed at craft bloggers but really, if you want to start working from home, 8 of these items will be relevant to you.d Working from home is the ultimate dream for many people. It’s my passion to try and help women release themselves from the rat race where they are miserable; your happiness is always going to be worth the risk.


When I was growing up, I remember my dad leaving the house at 6 am to sit in a car for an hour, not getting home until after 5 pm, and he didn’t enjoy his job. Back then I couldn’t understand it and part of me now still can’t. Quitting a job you hate is especially pertinent when we live in the age of the internet where opportunities are bountiful you can earn great money working as a freelancer or full-time blogger. So, we got on Amazon, we did everything below and we got to work!



How To Create A Blog The Easiest Way Possible + A Free Checklist and Planner


It all started with me, sick in bed, bursting with a desire to craft, make my rented home beautiful and being physically unable to do anything like that. So, one day after searching on Flickr (the Pinterest of its day), I decided to share my plans and easy craft projects on a blog (as well as my old Flickr account). Discovering online courses was a game changer for me, taking course after course, I quickly became obsessed with blogging and online learning. I want to share my knowledge with you and teach you how to start a WordPress website, so you can learn how to create a blog so you can blog about your passions and make some money.


How To Start A Blog Checklist

Starting A Blog Checklist -A completely free download

I’ve created a free checklist for you to download and print out.




Essential Blogging Tips To Grow Your Traffic

Pinterest is my FAVOURITE marketing tool. Hands down. Judging by the reaction to last weeks post, How I Grew My Pinterest Views By 9000% In One Month, a lot of you find Pinterest rather mystifying. One of my first essential blogging tips is all about joining Pinterest group boards and Tailwind Tribes. They are my “go to” marketing tool because of the potential virality attached. When Group Boards are used strategically, they can drive a LOT of passive traffic back to your blog or shop on a regular basis.


Over the last week, I received a lot of questions in comments and in Facebook groups, the two biggest being,
“How do I find group boards to join?”
“How many group boards are you part of?”
Pinterest drives 100,000 monthly visitors to my craft blog alone. That’s just from Pinterest. I do get traffic from a lot of other sources but Pinterest has the biggest chunk of the pie. Around 70% and that’s all thanks to Tailwind Tribes and Group Boards.


Make Real Money Online with This AWESOME Affiliate Program

You want to make real money online…that actually makes it into your pocket. Who doesn’t? Did you know that there are 12 ways that you could diversify your income to make a steady living? Check out this post for all the info:


The Best Way To Make Real Money Online?


By far, affiliate marketing is one of my favourite ways to monetize my blog. Since I around 2007, when I discovered that people could earn a living by blogging, it turned into my ultimate goal.


Earlier this year I took Michelle’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and x10 my affiliate income in the space of a month. Seriously. I made my initial investment of the course, back.. and then some.


In March I earned £45ish in Affiliate Income and in April, I had accumulated £490 over different affiliate platforms (payout wasn’t issued until the end of May/early June). See the affiliate programs that pay the most amount of money: 7 Super High Paying Affiliate Programs You Need To Start Using


10 Awesome Ways To Get You More Site Traffic

“I need more site traffic!” is the thought you had when you saw the title of this post. Am I right?


In 2016 ALONE there were 1.6 billion active mobile social accounts globally.


On WordPress alone, 56 million blog posts are published every month (source).


When you look at both of statistics separately they are pretty staggering, if you look at them together, they’re pretty hopeful for WordPress bloggers.

In this post, I wanted to share the most important elements of your blog after stellar content. So, what are you waiting for?


Let’s Get More Site Traffic:



Why Your Target Audience Is More Important Than Your Spouse


Ok, maybe your target audience isn’t actually more important than your spouse, but a close second. You should know them inside out and love the bones of them. Why? Because knowing who they are and who they aren’t, could make or break your bloggy business.

How to find your target market was something that I did not understand until it was far too late and I was struggling to find a product idea that would be profitable for my Craft Blog. Back in 2010 when I started Heart Handmade UK, it was perfectly acceptable to say “my audience is all women in their 20’s who like crafting and home decor.” Sadly. That’s just not enough.