Improve Your Business Education With These Secret Tips

As a solopreneur, one thing I am constantly doing is learning. I mean constantly.

As I’ve embarked on my business education, I’ve taken some amazing classes and developed my learning style and implemented learning strategies to help me remember what I’ve learnt.

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Today,I thought it was time to share some of those with you.

Explore Your Creativity With Brit&Co.

Establish Your Learning Style.

Your learning style should be matched with appropriate learning strategies.


Understand VARK

When my mum was doing an Open University Degree in Psychology, I got to be a guinea pig! So, I learnt at a young age that I was a visual learner.

V – Visual Learning is a when you utilise imagery, videos, charts, mind maps and diagrams to digest information efficiently.

It is one of the three basic types of learning styles in the Fleming VAK/VARK model that also includes kinesthetic (tactile) learning and auditory learning.

A – Auditory Learning is when you learn best listening to tapes, youtube classes, your instructor, recording your notes and listening back, etc.

R – Reading, is when you retain information by reading and re-reading lessons and notes.

K- Kinesthetic/Tactile learning is when you learn by doing something with your hands. Watching a class that teaches you how to create a logo using Adobe illustrator and then following the instructor and doing the same thing.

Be Present.

Show Up. Purchasing a class doesn’t mean you will learn by osmosis. Believe me; I’ve tried!

Many times.

“Learn how to listen, and you will prosper even from those who talk badly.” — Plutarch (A.D. 46 – 120). Greek biographer and philosopher

10 Online Classes that will skyrocket your business success! Brit&Co have created some incredible online courses for entrepreneurs, from everything to developing a super successful youtube channel to using kickstarter to get funds for your online Business - Improve Your biz education

Download any worksheets and take notes.

The aim of note-taking is to quickly summarise what you’re learning about, in your words so that you can easily remember what you’ll be learning.

Taking notes effectively is an insane skill which I wish I knew about when I was studying for exams.

Speaking of things I wish I had known about before exams; meditation!

I’m positive that I would have been able to take exams without freaking out if I had known about meditating beforehand; I meditated before I did an interview with Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 (the biggest radio station in Britain) and I sounded calm and collected and totally unlike myself lol.

I digress.

Organise Your Studying/Class Time

One of the most efficient study skills is organising how and when you will study for your course.

The beauty of online learning is that you are choosing relevant subjects that will boost your success in whatever niche you are in. Even if it isn’t about blogging or if it’s just for fun.

Organising your study and showing up, means you will reap the rewards.

ExamTime has a free Study Planner tool which makes organising your study extremely easy.

Ask Questions!

Record any questions you have and ask them when you have a chance.

Classes usually have forums or hashtags that allow you to direct questions to the instructor or students who are involved in the course.

I’ve met many people in classes that I’m still talking to seven years later! Learning something together can create great connections and makes it more likely that your content will be shared on their social media channels.

If you need clarification, you won’t continue learning until you have your questions answered.

Most instructors see questions as a sign of an interested student, and that makes them insanely happy that their work is being taken seriously.

It also is a pretty good indicator that you’re in it for the long haul and are more likely to be a success.

Doing this, also makes it more likely for your efforts to be shared by your instructor.

Review and edit your notes.

Reviewing your notes within 24 hours is imperative.

If you need to, record yourself on your phone and listen back to it.
10 Online Classes that will skyrocket your business success! Brit&Co have created some incredible online courses for entrepreneurs, from everything to developing a super successful youtube channel to using kickstarter to get funds for your online Business

10 Online Classes To Skyrocket Your Biz Success!


+BONUS Study Planner Printable!

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Learn how to become a Kickstarter queen!

Investment = $ 29

Learn How To Be A KickStarter Queen!

“You’ll Learn How To:

  • Define your goals and keep a positive mindset
  • Calculate the amount you need to raise
  • Build a network for success
  • Visualise your timeline
  • Find customers and build your community
  • Plan and make your product video
  • Connect with the press and launch your concept

Learn how to be a kickstarter queen with Brit&Co

In this class, you’ll learn how to raise financial support for your product idea via a crowdfunding site.

Here to teach you is inventor Lisa Fetterman, who raised over $1.3M through two record-shattering Kickstarter campaigns.

She’ll get you in the self-starter mentality and get you even closer to being your own boss. All you need is an original idea that needs funding!”

How To Build A Successful Youtube Channel Online Class

How To Build A Successful YouTube Channel

Investment = $29

“In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your YouTube channel concept
  • Create high-quality, fun and engaging video
  • Develop a content schedule
  • Promote and grow your channel

In this class, you’ll learn how to build a successful YouTube channel from online personalities Kelsey MacDermaid and Becky Wright – aka The Sorry Girls (who have over 464K subscribers!).

With private lessons, downloadable content and more, you’ll learn how to use this viable platform to expand your personal brand, blog or business, earn an income and even make friends along the way!”

Download The Study Planner

Photo Styling Online Class

Investment = $29

Photo Styling Online Class

The sad truth is, producing consistently amazing photos that your followers eat up and want to share all the time, takes some styling skill.

Which is something I have learnt but need to review my lessons as I may have forgotten it all.

When I did my photography degree, I was able to take a photograph perfectly. Technically speaking.

I can frame what is already there, well. Styling? That’s another matter entirely.

Luckily, skills can be taught, and Brit&Co have the answer!

How To Sell At Craft Fairs

Investment = $29

How To Sell At Craft Fairs, An Online Class

“In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use craft fair markets to help increase traffic and sales to your online business
  • Price, package and prep your best-selling products for fair day
  • Design an attractive fair display and engage with customers

Reel in new customers, traffic and sales by taking your online business (or hobby!) to craft fairs!

In Katie’s course, How To Sell At Craft Fairs, you’ll learn how to apply to, prep for and dominate at your next fair.

Katie will teach you all of her insider tips on how to promote your business, price your products and attract new customers.

At the end of this class, you’ll be confident in applying and selling at any craft fair.”

Share your brand on Social Media with Brit & Co

Build Your Brand On Social Media

Investment = $39

“This class is perfect for those who just started a business or blog, or for those who are just looking for a way to freshen up their social media posts.

Melanie has collaborated with us to create a fun and informative online course that will help you confidently create content on all of your favourite online platforms.

In under an hour, you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover your brand purpose, define your goals and find your target audience
  • Decide what platforms will work best for your brand, blog or business
  • Stay on track with a daily planner and weekly editorial calendar

You’ll walk away from this class feeling confident about branding your business or blog online.

Plus, you’ll know all the best practices, tips and tricks for creating and sharing engaging content with your audience.

You’ll also have access to six downloads that will help you stay on track, including a goals worksheet, a social media cheat sheet, an editorial calendar template and more.”

Start Your First Creative Business

Investment = $39

Start Your First Creative Business With Brit&Co

“In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome your fear of business and figure out if your idea is profitable
  • Draft and finalise your first business plan like a pro (template included!)
  • Identify your target customer and on how to effectively sell to them

This class is taught by Jess Ekstrom, a #girlboss who took her passion to the next level by founding her company Headbands of Hope in 2012.

Now, she’s here to teach you what she learned after launching her first creative business.

Her fun and informative class will show you how to validate your business ideas, define your business goals, selling to your target customer and so much more!”

Money Management For Your Small Business

Investment = $29

“In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the numbers and make the money conversation less scary
  • Track and manage your expenses using class worksheets and software resources
  • Form year-round money management habits for smooth sailing on tax day

You’re a #girlboss who has started your first business.

But now it’s time to make sure your finances are in order, right?

Here to teach you how to make money doing what you love is the business strategist and financial coach Shanna Skidmore.

After taking her class, you’ll feel confident that your business financials are organised and on the right track.”

Download The Study Planner

Boost Your Productivity with this Brit & Co online class

Let’s Boost Your Productivity

Investment = $29

“Get ready to manage your time and to-dos like a boss!

Brit & Co joined forces with Maxie McCoy and Levo to arm you with tools to create a productive lifestyle.

In this class, you’ll discover your secret productivity weapon:

A mission statement!

Maxie will teach you how to create goals and to-do lists that you can actually complete.

Plus, did you know that doing nothing is essential for productivity, too?

You’ll find out why and learn more about Maxie’s tips and tricks on how to become a more productive YOU!

After taking this course, you’ll know how to:

  • Develop your personal mission statement and use the SMART recipe to set goals
  • Practice single-task time management skills to prioritise tasks
  • Create actionable to-do lists (that are not overwhelming!)
  • Use your new productive habits to work smarter, not harder – and get more done!

Let’s make those dreams become a reality! Boost your productivity in just 42 minutes with this online class.

Build Your Digital Brand with Brit & Co.


Build Your Digital Brand

“Want to create a blog or website, but don’t know how to get started?

Brit&Co know that there are a lot of steps in the process and we’ve got your back!

Here to guide you through the process is the creative director and designer Caroline Winegeart.

Her class is a step-by-step guide to creating a unique brand and getting it online – start to finish!

First, she’ll teach you how to define your brand and choose fonts, colours and a logo.

Then, you’ll learn how to pick a website platform that is right for you.

And last, but not least, you’ll kickstart a content strategy that will get your brand noticed.
By the end of Caroline’s class, you’ll know how to:

  • Create a brand mission statement, define your primary audience, and pick a brand name.
  • Pair the right fonts and colours together and begin designing a logo that evokes your unique personality.
  • Choose between setting up a site on Squarespace and WordPress (based on what works best for you!).
  • Develop a content strategy on various marketing channels to promote your brand

So what are you waiting for? By following Caroline’s steps, you’ll have a bright and shiny site up in no time!”

Cheaper Alternative:

Design Your Brand Identity, Investment = $29=

Develop your brand identity with Brit Co Online Class. Learn how to brand your small business with this class from Brit Co. The Perfect Branding Course for Creatives and Small Businesses.

Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

Investment = $39

“What you’ll learn in this class:

  • Take a logo design idea and sketch it out on paper. (Psst! You don’t need to be a designer!)
  • Bring your logo to life with various fonts and colours in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Export your new logo for use online or in print.

Logo design in adobe illustrator with Brit & Co

Design your creative logo with the help of graphic designer Meg Lewis.

In her class, you’ll learn how to sketch a logo on paper and transform it into a digital design.

You’ll choose fonts, colours and embellishments for your logo that align with your brand.

You will leave this course with new rockstar design skills and a custom logo you’ll be proud of.”

Logo design in adobe illustrator with Brit & Co. The perfect class for small businesses, mompreneurs and creative Etsy store owners who are emarking on a new venture.

Throughout my years as a hobby blogger at Heart Handmade UK, I’ve taking lots and lots of blogging courses.

In this past year, I’ve taken some business courses and I knew it was time to become an entrepreneur.

The knowledge I’ve gained in the past few years has been priceless and I’m so excited to share my top tips, links, resources and printables with you!




Some extra resources you might enjoy!


Super Charge Your Pinterest Growth!

Using BoardBooster and Tailwind together.

I’ve tried these Super Pinning tools separately but I use both together to turbocharge my Pinterest account!

95% of my Traffic comes from Pinterest and my craft blog and I love using these tools together.

I love the features and tools from both.

You’ll love the simple, easy navigation of BoardBooster and their looping options.

Tailwind has an Alpha feature called tribes!

Like Pinterest group boards only waaaay easier to use and navigate.

It’s another awesome way to connect and grow your pins and profile exponentially.

They are both very affordable and both have referral programs.

Both are a total must have and my secret weapon that accounts for 95% of Heart Handmade UK blog traffic.

Hosting With Bluehost

Is an amazing web hosting that starts at as low as $1.95/month!

It has a streamlined set up and easy integration with WordPress.

Check out the video walk through in the post How to start a wordpress website in under 15 minutes!

Super Charge Your Email Sign Ups With These Two Fabulous Tools:

Leadpages* – Landing Page Drag And Drop Creation and Beautiful sign-up boxes

Please be aware that Leadpages is not an email marketing program like Convert Kit or Mailchimp.

Leadpages is for designing beautiful landing pages, delivering freebies to your email list and creating little pop-up boxes called ‘lead boxes’ for your email list building efforts.

To see an example of one of my high performing landing pages please click here – Set Up Your Craft Blog In 7 Days

An example of one of their Leadboxes:

Get The Freebies To Your Inbox!
Leadpages* has sooooo many more amazing tools including; webinar hosting, building sales pages, hosting videos for free courses, and if you own a brick and mortar shop you can collect email address via text messages.

You can still deliver freebies to your audience using email marketing programs but there is a lot more control over the design and more choice with Leadpages.

Using both Leadpages and ConvertKit together I went from 140 subscribers in April 2016 to 12,000+ by October 2016.

ConvertKit* Newsletter services AT ITS FINEST!

You can start with Mailchimp and get your first 2000 for free and then switch to ConvertKit

Read: Believing These 5 Myths About Mailchimp Email Marketing Keeps You From Growing

Honestly though, I wish I was with Convertkit from the beginning.

Lots of easy tools, nothing to design, focused on content, streamlined newsletter creation and affordable packages.

It takes a few minutes to shoot out a newsletter to Heart Handmade UK blog’s thousands of subscribers. Easy peasy. You’ll love ConvertKit!


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