Are you ready to learn how to write perfect descriptions and give your pins a better chance of going viral? Using Keywords are essential in your Pinterest descriptions, as well as hashtags of course.

Why listen to me?

I used to be a keyword researcher for a stock photography company, I've been a Pinterest power user since before they launched in 2010 & I've had my fair share of viral pins via my Craft Blog.

Here's what you'll learn In this Freebie:

  • How to use the Smart Search function effectively to find the perfect keywords.
  • Another tool that you can use to find more fantastic keywords to use
  • What you should avoid doing in your Pinterest descriptions
Do you realise how important keywords are when it comes to your Pinterest description? Pinterest SEO is essential to understand if you want any chance of your Pins going viral in the future. Without using the right keywords, Pinterest can't find what people are looking for. Read the PDF guide & learn how to write perfect descriptions for your Pins. #pinterest #pinterestseo #pinning #pinterestips #socialmedia #socialmediatips #sacb

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